No Cell Service? No Problem for Georgia Hams

Georgia Mountains’ District ARES Trains On Public Event Comms Supportcourtesy ARRL ARES E-Letter, Rick Palm K1CE, Editor
The mountainous Northwest Georgia District ARES program supports four public events each year as a public service and training exercises for its operators.
This month, the organization is supporting the Georgia Jewel foot races of 35, 50 and 100 miles and the seven aid stations situated along the course. ARES operators establish communication centers at each station and track all runners for event safety and progress.
The 36 hour event in the mountains has only 5% cell coverage, hence the focus on Amateur Radio for essential communications.

Tuesday Self-Test (GROL)

This Tuesday Self Test question is from the Element 3 General Radiotelephone Operator Class question pool:

3-33E1 (C)

What is the voltage range considered to be valid logic low input in a TTL device operating at 5 volts?

A. 2.0 to 5.5 volts.

B. -2.0 to -5.5 volts.

C. Zero to 0.8 volts.

D. 5.2 to 34.8 volts.

More Region 6 SARnet Repeaters Operational

The Naples SARnet repeater is active on 444.950, PL 103.5, analog FM. It is about 20 miles east of Naples on the I-75 corridor.

The Fort Myers SARnet repeater went live last month on 444.225, PL 136.5. It is about a half mile west of US41 on Pine Island Road, North Fort Myers (at the FDOT depot).

Remember, this is a statewide linked system. When you hit one of them they ALL are activated. So, keep QSOs short.

The system is owned by Florida’s DOT and is open to all amateur radio operators. In a disaster / emergency response situation, however, use of the system will be restricted to those directly involved in the response / recovery.

– – h/t to Stephen Smith W9GPI, Lee County EC

Workplace Down Active Shooter Exercise

Carlson United Methodist Church, 310 Campbell St. LaBelle, will be hosting Disaster Resistant Communities’ tabletop exercise “Workplace Down – An Active Shooter Exercise”, Thursday, 9-29-16 from 9 to Noon, , in the Narthex.

The exercise is free, and open to the community.

It will work through a scenario dealing with an active shooter incident occurring in the workplace, and serve as an opportunity for the staff and management that make up an organization’s workplace to work through scenario information and injects dealing with an active shooter incident occurring within the office.

Register here before noon Wednesday September 28th.