EOC Radio Room Update

Eight lines of RG-8 were pulled in June from the radio room to the transmitter room and will be terminated to the grounding block. Patch cables need to be made from the grounding block to their respective transmitters and/or antennas.

The dual-banders will have the transceivers in the transmitter room, and the control heads in the radio room. They’ll be connected via CAT-6.

The Kenwood HF rig, and the balance of the transceivers will be in the radio room, and conventionally connected to their antennas with a dedicated RG-8 run.

A visual and electrical survey was done on the monopole, and it was determined that no realistic use of any of the unused antennas or empty mounting arms could be expected without throwing a fat lot of cash at the task. So, that’s off the table.

Eight lines of CAT-6 were pulled in August and still need connectors attached. If you have a crimper and know how to work with the thicker plenum CAT-6 line and would like to do the deed, speak up.

The radio room shelf wall mounts are in place in, and the shelf is about finished. Final install is expected in the next week or two, then data and coaxial lines can be routed.

The formalization of Big Lake as a 501c(3) is progressing, and once done, a shopping list of items sought for donation will be posted.