Cascadia Rising/Coastal Response Exercise

In the June 6-10 Cascadia Rising 2016 FEMA exercise in the Pacific Northwest, amateur radio found a role.

ARRL Oregon Section Manager John Core, KX7YT, and Western Washington Section Manager and State RACES officer, Monte Simpson, AF7PQ promote amateur participation in the September 2016 QST.

The scenario was a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and consequent tsunami, causing a blackout of all conventional communication channels, partnered with British Columbia, holding a parallel exercise, Coastal Response.

Including Amateur Radio as “an actual functional part” of Cascadia Rising was a big plus, and that the participants felt they were “actually part of the team and not some ancillary group that was just being tolerated.”

Among his recommendations, Simpson said there should be more standardization on language and forms, as well as coming up with a method of establishing contact with communities that lack communication if repeaters go down.

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— Courtesy Rick Lindquist, WW1ME, ARRL Letter and QST Contributing Editor, and ARRL ARES E-Letter, Rick Palm K1CE, Editor