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— Saarland State Police via AP,

Believe it or not, this is not the front seat of ham’s car. (Hard to believe I know…) Here’s a story from 2012… — elmer


MAINZ, Germany — Ever worry about getting caught by police using your cellphone while driving?

That was not enough of a risk for one German driver, who had an entire office installed in his Ford Mondeo station wagon.

Undercover highway police in southern Germany on Monday pulled over a 34-year-old IT specialist after he conducted an illegal passing maneuver and was going 80 miles per hour in a reduced 62-mile-per-hour zone on Germany’s infamous super highway, the autobahn.

“The officers were quite surprised when they found a laptop, a printer and even a medium-size voltage transformer attached to a wood rack that was set up next to the center console,” police spokesman Stephan Lassotta told NBC News.

In addition, the German highway patrol found two cellphones and a navigation system installed in the windshield of the driver’s car.

“We could not prove that the driver had been using the equipment while driving, so he was not fined for that violation,” Lassotta added.

But the man, who was not identified by name, was asked to store the technical equipment in his trunk immediately, before being allowed to continue his journey. German law states that “unsecured items” in vehicles are dangerous and therefore not permitted.

The man now faces a fine of more than $170 for speeding and passing traffic in a right-hand lane, in accordance with German law.

— By Andy Eckardt, NBC News