About Big Lake ARC

Big Lake Amateur Radio Club is a public service of the amateur radio operators of Hendry County, Florida, in cooperation with Hendry County Emergency Management and Hendry County CERT.

Hendry County has nearly 40,000 people (and ten times as many cows) spread out over almost 1,200 square miles of beloved south Florida boondocks, sandwiched between considerably wealthier neighbors on both the east and west coasts of Florida, Lake Okeechobee to the northeast, and the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation to the southeast.

Meetups, Nets & Repeaters

  • Clewiston (east county) 146.760, PL 97.4 – East side of Clewiston at the city limits.
  • Labelle (west county) 145.470, PL 97.4 – Four miles west of Labelle on SR80, on the monopole
  • Meetups: Third Saturday of the month, 10-1130am, unless there is an activity/exercise
  • Nets: Second and fourth Tuesday of each month, 7pm, Labelle repeater


Big Lake ARC (a non-governmental, not-for-profit oganization) and Hendry County Emergency Management (a County government department) are two separate entities. Although the radio club works hand-in-glove with EM as an ESF-2 (Communications) function, membership in Big Lake does not automatically vet you for Emergency Management.

If you wish to be an EM Reservist, and have not yet done so, you will need to complete a volunteer application packet available at the office. Packets are forwarded to county HR for background checks.

EOC and shelter communicators in Hendry County are not provided by Red Cross or any other entity. They are positioned by Emergency Management. So, if you want to be part of those activations, please make sure there is a completed volunteer packet on file.

If you would like more information about preparedness or how you can get involved as an Emergency Management Reservist (volunteer), please contact the Emergency Operations Center at 863-674-5400 or -5404.

There are many free training classes available on a variety of subjects throughout the year across Region 6. To receive certifications at the completion of the courses, you must have a FEMA Student ID number. You can register for that here.

Directors (2017)

  • Frank Harris WA4PAM
  • Brian Newhouse KJ4WIC
  • David Hegley KM4EWE
  • Andrew Frame WD4RCC
  • Brandi Frame KN4AFW

Officers (2017)

  • Frank Harris WA4PAM, President
  • Andrew Frame WD4RCC, Vice President
  • Brandi Frame KN4AFW, Secretary

Appointees (2017)

  • Secretary – Tony Fanska KC0SJU
  • Net Manager – Gus Fruauff KI4LFF
  • Field Day Coordinatior – David Hegley KM4EWE
  • Emergency Coordinator – Frank Harris WA4PAM
  • Assistant EC, West County – Andrew Frame WD4RCC